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71lbs is a b2b service company that saves its customers money on shipping with FedEx, UPS, and Amazon FBA

When you ship an overnight package and delivery is late by 1 minute, or a ground package is delivered a day late, you can file a claim and get 100% of your money back. We represent a company that has developed software to automate the process of tracking your shipment. A client registers once (email address, password.... takes less than 60 seconds to register) and their package arrival times are tracked. The system runs compliance on your shipment vs. the guaranteed time commitment. These are 100% shipping refunds from FedEx and UPS when your shipments are late...even if it's by 1 minute.
No sign up fee
No monthly fees
Cancel at any time
No long term contracts
No out of pocket cost to the business
Easy one time registration and automated process
Your shipping people won't spend hours on refunds

Additional Info

Our core services include Shipping Refunds, Contract Negotiations, Lost and Damaged Claims, & other saving services to help businesses. We are proud to have saved over $50 Million in shipping costs for our customers.


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