Beaches MRI

Beaches MRI


Health Care Services


Created to provide a level of service that far exceeds patient and physician expectations, Beaches MRI of Tamarac combines the expertise and dedication of a physician owned and operated facility with state-of-the-art technology that delivers imaging of unmatched quality and clarity.

Brain Screening

Brain Screening (MRI) technology to discover what may be causing persistent migraine headaches or long-term post-traumatic headaches (PTH).

Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening (MRI) technology to detect cancer before it’s in more advanced stages, when symptoms are more likely to appear.


Spine (MRI) technology to show the bones, disks, spinal cord, and the spaces between the vertebral bones where nerves pass through.


Musculoskeletal (MRI) technology to create clear pictures of the joints, bones, and soft tissues of your body.


Beaches MRI
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