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Care Access is a leading decentralized research organization (DRO) that breaks down traditional barriers in clinical research for patients, sponsors, and physicians, reaching previously-unreachable patient populations and diverse communities.

Care Access operates as one connected team of physicians and research experts with its Mobile Sites On Demand capability (“Pop-Up Sites”) to break down traditional barriers and accelerate the delivery of critical, life-saving therapies. Care Access pioneered this unique mobile decentralized trial delivery model in partnership with leading research sponsors to deliver their most critical trials. Additionally, Care Access conducts several hundred clinical trials at its 60 research sites nationwide and brings more physicians into clinical research through its innovative Sites On Demand service. To learn more about how Care Access helps clinical trial delivery, visit

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Care Access Brings World Class Alzheimer’s Research to Florida

"This new groundbreaking preventative Alzheimer's study is being offered right here in our community, say "(this clip is about Sun City Center, but it's also available through Care Access in Tamarac)"! It's for people who do NOT currently have any Alzheimer's symptoms (and completely free).[…]il-imap&ust=1639802294000000&usg=AOvVaw2O9ydkYmlcQkbitk0tCBmY "



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