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We care about your quality of life, particularly in staying active and healthy. Fantastic Products Now include unique products that we create, manufacture and distribute as well as those we personally use and recommend, all intended to improve your lifestyle.

Fantastic Insulin Vial and Syringe Coupler

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Diabetes Made Easy


Are you taking insulin using a vial? Is it hard to keep the vial and syringe steady while you measure and draw the correct dosage? 

GREAT NEWS!! The Fantastic portable syringe guide and vial holder/coupler is available.

Choose the size(s) you need. There are 3 models to fit 3 syringe sizes (BLUE: 0.3 ml/30 units; YELLOW: 0.5 ml/50 units; RED: 1.0 ml/100 units).

Includes a soft microfiber storage pouch and stylish hard carrying case (3 colors available).  

Fast, Accurate, Easy To Use!  Less costly than using insulin pens.

And it's perfect for your pet!

Made in the USA.

Patent Pending 63/186,011


Fantastic Insulin Vial and Syringe Coupler - 30 Unit/ 0.3 ml
Fantastic Insulin Vial and Syringe Holder - 100 Unit/1 ml
Fantastic Insulin Vial and Syringe Coupler - 50 Unit/ 0.5 ml
Gail Nichols RN
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